【Hokkaido Spa Resort Hotel TSURUGA GROUP】
※Important Notice※First of all, please let us express our heartfelt condolences to all of you who have also been affected by the earthquake in the eastern part of Hokkaido(北海道胆振東部) on September 6, 2018.
Hokkaido Tsuruga Group Hotels were safe and sound after the early morning earthquake on September 6, with no facilities damaged or casualties. Water, Meals, electricity and hot spring facilities have been fully restored, and open as usual.
Second, we would like to express my thanks to the condolences and guests who came after the earthquake. Thank you for your concern and support.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Hokkaido.

Forest of Akan Tsuruga Resort HANAYUUKA

Forest of Akan Tsuruga Resort HANAYUUKA is a casual hot spring resort hotel that welcomes guests with open arms like the warm, invigorating beams of sunlight that penetrate through the forest canopy to the forest floor. Hotel staff is committed to hospitality excellence as well as service with a smile which perfectly complements the hotel’s warm, forest-inspired interior designs and gentle hues of sunlight. Join us to discover a lush natural environment, warm people, and picture-perfect scenery. The hotel is ready to make your stay in Eastern Hokkaido as memorable and relaxing as possible.
Dotted with many mystical lakes, the old-growth forests of the Lake Akan area are known throughout Japan and the world for their magnificent and breathtaking natural beauty. The rich variety of tree species and countless wildlife that survive by the forests’ bounty invigorate the surrounding area and provide us with a connection to generations past.


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