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1. We handle our guests’ personal information in accordance with the laws and regulations.

2. Personal information (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, workplace or company name, nationality and passport number of our international guests, as well as any requests regarding food or other services) of our guests shall be used for the following purposes.
1) To provide accommodation services and meals2) To confirm reservation details through contact
3) To improve the quality of services provided at this hotel4) To provide package information for future stays
5) Where stipulated by law
However, 4) will only be provided to guests who have given their consent.

3. We will not provide our guests’ personal information to third persons except in the following cases.
1) In case there is a request by the guest to arrange a reservation at another sightseeing facility
2) In case the travel agency used by the guest requires a report
3) In case the guest is in a difficult situation to give consent due to a sudden illness or injury
4) In case our hotel outsources a portion of our services to another company
5) In case the information needs to be provided according to laws and regulations

4. Our customers’ personal information shall be safely managed in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant laws and regulations.
1) Personal information shall be managed in accordance with an appropriate safekeeping method in order to prevent leakage.
2) Employees of our hotel are trained according to the related manual and will handle the information in an responsible manner.
3) The subcontracting company implementing our services is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and to put in place all the required precautionary measures.

5. Suspension or revision from our guests
1) In case our guests require a disclosure of their registered personal information, we will disclose the information without delay. If disclosure would not be possible, we will provide a thorough explanation
2) In case of a guest’s request for suspension of use of their information or similar, we will respond without delay upon settlement of claims and obligations, and within the scope of related legislation.

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